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    Anhui ya aircraft bed co. LTD


    Address:West industrial park, bowang town, bowang district, ma 'anshan city

    Tel: 139-6554-1302/ 0555-6071185  

    Fax: 0555-6071185 




    Coporate culture

    Coporate culture

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    We must demand the highest standards of personal and corporate integrity for ourselves and every employee of our company.
    We follow all the laws and policies of the company. We are committed to diversity, fair treatment, mutual respect and trust.
    We must work hard and make it part of our spirit. This is a key element for the success of the participants.
    Responsible for:
    We respect our commitments and take personal responsibility for all actions and results.
    We have created a disciplined discipline that continues to improve and is an integral part of our culture.
    Team work:
    We create an environment that encourages innovation, creativity, excellence, and results through teamwork.
    We practice leadership through teaching, motivating, and promoting full participation and career development.
    We encourage open and effective communication and interaction.
    Hard work and innovation:
    We recognize that innovation is the foundation of our business.
    We challenge ourselves to develop new and improved ways of thinking.
    We encourage, expect, and value creativity, open change, and fresh practices.